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May 01 2017

2017 Hyndman, Kempinksi, Rome

"Time is like a fashionable host, That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand; And with his arms outstretch'd, as he would fly, Grasps-in the comer: the welcome ever smiles, And farewell goes out sighing." — Troilus and Cressida, William Shakespeare

Dear Friend of The Most Famous Hotels in the World;

My "Breakfast with ..." of today is dedicated to Amanda Hyndman, the woman who inspired Carola Augustin to curate the 365 photographs of the AUTHORS' and the ROYAL COLLECTION for the new AUTHORS' WING, who encouraged us to install the permanent history exhibition THE ORIENTAL JOURNEY — all this collected in our new book THE AMAZING TALE OF BANGKOK'S LEGENDARY HOTEL. She is leaving The Oriental Bangkok after 5 years — retiring to a different life. She will not be forgotten.

Adrian Mourby finds his "Eden" in Rome.  And Kempinski celebrates 120 years of hotel business — and no one knows exactly, why.

I wish you an inspiring journey 

As always


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amanda hyndman

Breakfast with Amanda Hyndman

marie maria maire

For five years, Amanda Hyndman was the General Manager at the helm of the flagship of the Mandarin Oriental group ‘The Oriental ' in Bangkok. Her elegance and personal appearance was legendary. (All personal portraits by Michelle Chaplow)

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When Cavalier Rufini took his census of Roman hotels for Pope Pius IX in 1855, the city was found to possess many  small hotels and inns, some dating back to medieval times. Read more



Kempinski, Hoteliers since 1952

The use of the name 'Kempinski‘ for a hotel chain by the same name of the former Jewish owners of various Berlin restaurants sparks controversy. Read more


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