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We are researching the history of the legendary HALF MOON hotel, one of the great hotels of the Caribbean, under General Manager Sandro Fabris. With the assistance of local teams, with images of international star photographers including US photographer Cindy Steuart, we plan to launch the book in 2016.


A superb exhibition of 380 images from the Royal Thai Collection of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok was produced. For the new salons at the ground floor of the Author’s Wing we have produced a Noel Coward, a Somerset Maugham, a James Michener, a Joseph Conrad and a Khun Ankana exhibition. For the first time we introduce the portraits of some 70 world famous authors, who had stayed at the hotel, at the Author’s Lounge.


On 13 November 2015, our new book ‘The Amazing Tale of the Fabulous Hotel Metropole – The Sofitel Legend of Hanoi’ appeared.


On 3 August 2015, we presented the extraordinary format GRAND HOTEL BELVÉDÈRE DAVOS — DIE UNGLAUBLICHE GESCHICHTE DES ALPINEN ENTERTAINMENTS oder DER STUNDENPLAN DER ZERSTREUUNG at Davos, Switzerland (in Deutsch, mit Zitaten u. a. von Hermann Hesse, original quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle and others).


On 28 April 2014, Sofitel has opened its fifth ‘Legend’ hotel. The Renmin Dasha, the ‘Xi’an’s Peoples Hotel’.  We are researching its history and produce a book about it. Xi’an is an unbelievable source of historical treasures, in ancient times it was the economic, political and religious centre of China and the residence of the first emperor of China. The hotel itself has been built on the site of an ancient palace, in Xi’an stands the 7,000 men strong terracotta army, and the list of VIPs who have visited the hotel in the past is impressive.


- The Imperial Vienna is Austria’s most glamorous palatial hotel since 1873. Under general manager Klaus Christandl we are preparing the the launch of EDITION RACONTEUR, the new famoushotels edition, following the most exciting renovation project in 140 years. (ISBN 978-3-900692-03-2). 


Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s rich past is a constant source of surprises. Now under general manager Amanda Hyndman, the hotel has more than 150 years of history. We have just discovered an invitation of His Royal Highness Prince Axel of Denmark to a reception at the Oriental Hotel. The new edition of our successful book arrived in spring. In January we have installed a permanent exhibiton The Oriental Journey at the most famous hotel of Thailand.


The Grand Hotel Royal - simply the Grand Budapest Hotel, today in short ‘Corinthia Budapest’ is still the most famous historic hotel in the capital of Hungary. Invited by general manager Thomas M. Fischer to update the new edition we cover the success of the hotel’s stunning history including 10 years of its owning company Corinthia - (ENGLISH EDITION ISBN 978-3-900692-19-3).


stands for Cape Town’s most famous hotel, Mount Nelson. We accepted the invitation of (former) general manager Sandro Fabris to write the Mount Nelson tea book. This follows our successful publication “I had Tea at Reid’s”, and will be aptly named ‘I had Tea at Mount Nelson’.
(I Had Tea At Mount Nelson - book presentation in 2013. ISBN 978-3-900692-38-4).


Frankfurt’s most famous hotel Frankfurter Hof is unveiling her stunning past. We have gathered the names of over 800 truly notable VIPs who had graced the hotel in its past 140 years. They all have a story to tell ... Book launch under general manager Armin Schroecker, reading form the book in May, staff HISTORY WORKSHOP included. (ISBN 978-3-900692-39-1)


- Hanoi Metropole: the new edition includes the discovery of general manager Kai Speth, who unearthed the legendary bomb shelter, and the Path of History. Joan Baez’ return to the hotel in 2013, her performance in the bomb shelter, the UNESCO proposal.


Pınar Kartal Timer, general manager of the Pera Palace in Istanbul, was most pleased: our Pera Palace book was the best-seller of the season, followed by Hanoi Metropole (which printed two editions in one year).


The London Hilton on Park Lane is 50 years of age in March 2013, its current and retired staff provide amazing insight in the first days of the - then - most modern UK hotel. General manager Michael Shepherd invited us to write the book (ISBN 978-3-900692-40-7).


Parkhotel Vitznau has reopened. The ‘Pearl at Lake Luzern’ in Switzerland will be up and running by March 2013 under general manager Urs Langenegger. We will present our book this fall (ISBN 978-3-900692-41-4).

This list is constantly updated - so keep watching. 

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Andreas Augustin, President

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Frequently Given Answers

What is “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”?

There are hotels of outstanding historic significance in the world. Since 1986 we professionally research the history of these hotels.

How do you select famous hotels?

People from all over the world tell us about them. We find them. Sometimes they are reopened after years of neglect. We present them to our independent jury. They finally select the hotels, each of which can call itself a “Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. All select hotels can be found under ‘HOTELS’.

Has the “Famous Hotels” listing created a new historical awareness in our industry?

Since 1986, the picture has changed dramatically! The presentation of the history of a hotel has been recognized as a sustainable asset and a competitive advantage. Well researched history has become one of the most valuable tools of sales and marketing. Books and related material have created a new means of identification. A well researched and verified history is one of the corner pillars of a successful marketing strategy.

How do you make your historical research?

“The Most Famous Hotels in the World” is specialized in the global historic research and production of fine books about this subject. The team is taking care of this field since 1986, having researched and written the histories of many notable establishments. The archives of the organization in Vienna holds files of all hotels.

Production of books - How does this work?

We are invited by one of the most famous hotels in the world to undertake a complete research of its history. The result is an elegant, individual book. Since 1986, each book becomes part of a library called “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. Since 2006 (Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest) we also build exhibitions. Since 2011 we install THE PATH OF HISTORY, a permanent history exhibition, in our partner hotels.

How does the hotel benefit from the books?

Each hotel has its own book about its past and current history. These books have become a very unique PR and sales tool. The leather bound editions, for example, are - needless to say - also a prestigious VIP give-away. This income secures the financial support of the organisation “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”.

What are The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World?

A respectable number of admirers of famous, traditional hotels. We receive their applications by postcards from our books and of course here over the web. Please visit our page ‘FRIENDS’.