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Schloss Velden - The Castle at Lake Woerth - english

Picture: Book This is our book (in English, German or Italian) about a fairytale castle at Austria's warmest lake, Lake Woerth (Wörthersee). It opened in 1892, and became one of Europe's legendary resort hotels for one century. Now it has been restored to its former glory, extended by a modern wing and reopened as a five star luxury property.


You can download a sampler of some 25 pages of the actual book under http://www.famoushotels.org/images/books/velsch-pages.pdf

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Vienna Hilton - Moments Larger Than Life

Picture: Book History in the Making
The Hilton am Stadtpark (Hilton Vienna) was Vienna's first Hilton hotel. After employing some of the most flamboyant general managers of its time, it quickly became a serious competitor of the reigning classic Viennese hotels. They all courted the greatest contemporary artists, visiting Vienna, and lured them to the Hilton. Geraldine Chaplin, Luciano Pavarotti, Sammy Davis jr., to name but a few. You can find all the names under "Making of".
Moments Greater Than Life were the result.
Enjoy a timeless piece…

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Meet You At The Cala di Volpe

Picture: Book Once upon a time a prince came to the island of Sardinia in Italy and built the Cala di Volpe.
This is the fairy tale about one of the most famous hotels in the world, from its beginning to the present, from dusk to dawn. Its stars, its stories, the architecture and its interior, about paparazzi and gala nights, film crews and photographers, busy restaurants, splendid yachts and peaceful moments.

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Meet You at Paddington

Picture: Book Isambard Kingdom Brunel, England’s most famous railway engineer, had a dream: passengers would travel from all over the world to the heart of London and alight at Paddington Station, the terminus of the Great Western Railway. And there the finest hotel on their journey, the Great Western Royal Hotel, would be waiting to become their home away from home.
And so it was that in 1854 the world’s first palatial terminus hotel opened for business.
Almost 150 years of history have made it a legend. This is…

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DM Diana Majestic

Picture: Book

diana andreas augustin book

Do you know Milan? The metropolis of fashion. The capital of publishing and television. The city where Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper and drew sketches of helicopters in his spare time. The place where the Wiener Schnitzel – yes, with noodles – originates. Let me tell you a few more things I…

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