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The Most Famous Hotels in the World

Premier Palace Hotel Kiev

Picture: Book

premier palace book by famous hotels, Andreas Augustin

Choose your language: here you see all three editions of The Premier Palace in Kiev, Ukraine's lovely capital (Russian, Ukrainian and English).

In 1912, students of architecture flocked to the new corner building at Pushkinska Street and Bibikov (today Shevchenko) Boulevard. It was a pilgrimage to architectural innovation: the façade of the ‘Palast Hôtel’ was a smart compromise…

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Excelsior Rome

Picture: Book Preview the book

At the fabled Via Veneto, in the eternal city of Rome, stands the Excelsior. The secret hideaway of the famous and the rich and all the others who entertain us. This book is based on years of research, on hundreds of private and archival photographs and personal interviews.

We look behind the scenes of this legendary institution, tell its story from its opening in 1906, its heydays and its downs; from managers and members of staff.
It was a very challenging…

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Hotel Sacher Wien (Deutsch)

In Wien „geht man in’s Hotel“.
Aber warum gehe ich ins Hotel? Wegen der Torte? Die könnte ich mir
schicken lassen. Wegen des Tafelspitz. Ja, schon eher. Wegen der
gemütlichen Roten Bar? Sicher sogar. Wegen der Blauen Bar, der intimsten
kitschigsten Bar Wiens? Ob Sie’s glauben oder nicht: Ja, sicher auch!
Wenn ich in Wien lande, überkommt mich ein Kribbeln, oder die Kinder sagen: Gehen wir
ins Sacher. Wir Wiener…

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The Imperial New Delhi (French LEATHER Edition)

Picture: Book Left: limited leather bound edition

Quel est le fruit de la rencontre entre l’un des plus importants constructeurs de la nouvelle ville de Delhi et l’une des plus ambitieuses dames de la haute société de l'Empire Britannique?
La réponse est simple : l’Hôtel Imperial.
Ce livre vous emmènera de la déclaration surprise de George V en 1911, faisant de Delhi la nouvelle capitale de l'Inde, jusqu’aux derniers jours du Raj Britannique, quand l'épouse du vice-roi, Lady Willingdon, réussit à convaincre le plus dynamique constructeur de…

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Hotel Ritz Madrid

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Ritz is a synonym for quality, for excellence, an euphemism for a world beyond the reach of the average man in the street. It conjures up distant imaginations of glitter and glamour, wrapped in silken sheets and hand woven linen. It stands for walking on thick sound-swallowing Persian carpets, dining from bone China plates, the clinking of heavy crystal glass, chiming silver.
Since 1910 the Ritz in Madrid represents all this. This is its story.

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