Ambos Mundos

“The rooms on the northeastern corner of the Ambos Mundos Hotel in Havana look out, to the north, over the old cathedral, the entrance to the harbor, and to the sea, and to the east to the Casablanca peninsula, the roofs of all houses in between and the width of the harbor.”
Ernest Hemingway wrote these words in 1938.
This was, and remains, Hemingway’s hotel. An insightful friend recently commented: “True, the prices are high and the service is often second rate but what do you expect? This is a nationalised hotel in a nationalised economy where the government controls the prices.” One day though it will surely be restored to its former glory.

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Ambos Mundos
Country: Cuba
City: Havana
Opening date: Late 1920s

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52 Rooms
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Calle Obispo No. 153 Esquina a Mercaderes.
10100 Havana, Cuba

Tel: 0053 7609529
Fax: 0053 7609532

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