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The Empress Victoria – jewel of British Columbia

“Without this splendid relic of the Edwardian era, literally tens of thousands of tourists will never return. This is the Mecca, this is the heart and soul of the city.”
Local journalist, 1965 – at the time The Empress was in a state of deterioration and there was a debate over whether to restore the old lady or simply pull her down. Thankfully, the restoration lobby won the day and the The Empress lived to wow at least a few more generations of guests.

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Country: Canada
City: Victoria
Opening date: 1908

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General Manager Roger Soane

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Managed by: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
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721 Government Street
British Columbia V8W 1W5 Victoria, Canada

Tel: +1-250-384-8111
Fax: +1-250-381-4334

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