At the front of the Plaza, facing the old Consistorial, the Fonda Inglaterra (Inn) was established in 1857. This was a first rate establishment, which made all sevillians feel proud.

The local press at the time reported how the city finally had lodgings worthy of its category as the third capital of the Kingdom.

The Fonda Inglaterra had all the characteristics necessary to make it became an exceptional lodging establishment: its location, the impeccable service, the decoration of its salons and dining rooms, the spacious rooms with lofty ceilings and all the modern advances available
at the time.

Hans Christian Andersen, the great danish autor of fairly tales, wrote some of this thoughts down about his stay in Seville from the 13–22 of November, 1862: “My balcony faced the Plaza Nueva, which is mostly covered by rows of fruit–laden orange trees and plenty of marble benches for the public to sit upon. “The transparent sky was full of stars, I stepped out onto the balcony and sat down, lit a cigar….

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Country: Spain
City: Seville
Opening date: 1857

Note from the Host

General Manager Manuel Otero

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Plaza Nueva, 7
Seville, Spain

Tel: +34 954224970
Fax: +34 954561336

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