The historic tales of the Alcron include an unsolved mystery surrounding a purloined guest register, bugged ashtrays, a beautiful prima ballerina remembered in a statue, a Hollywood star evacuated by diplomats, Communist secret agents and much more. One of the most historic hotels in Prague—the legendary Alcron had brought the rich and famous to Prague and put the city on the map.
The Alcron ultimately reflected the fame and the failures of the Czech nation and stood in mute witness to the rise, fall and re-birth of the country and its people during the Twentieth Century.  A compilation of memories from old-timers, guests, historians, journalists, as well as former and current hotel employees will be published here shortly.
who contributed to these stories and provided details and insight into the missing chapters in the more than seventy-year history of the hotel.

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Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
Opening date: 1932 (built since 1929)

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General Manager Michal Chour

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Managed by: Radisson SAS
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Stepanska 40
11000 Prague, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 222 820 000
Fax: +420 222 820 120

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