Grand Hotel Mackinac

The Grand Hotel just bought a plane to help get its high-end guests to
the resort in a hurry. It’s a Piston Twin Turbo Twin Seat 7 that can fly
in guests who would rather come directly than at the whim of airline
schedules or traffic. Last year for the first time, the majority of
guests booking regular hotel packages were from out of state, not

Our Select Member Hotel

Grand Hotel Mackinac
Country: USA
City: Mackinac Island
Opening date: 1887, July 10

Note from the Host

General Manager Dan Musser III

The History


The Present

330 Rooms
Restaurants & Bars
Body, Mind and Soul


MI 49757 Mackinac Island, USA
Tel: +1-906-847 3331
Fax: +1-906-847 3259

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