In 1927, Edward N. Wyner, a local Boston real estate developer, was asked by Mayor Curley to build a world-class hotel. Wyner,who was constructing an apartment building and was up to the second floor at the time, agreed and changed the apartment building into a

Because of the reputation of Ritz in Europe and the cosmopolitan society in Boston, Wyner knew The Ritz-Carlton name would secure immediate success. He received permission from The Ritz-Carlton Investing Company and The Ritz Paris’ for use of the name and set out to create luxury in the heart of Boston. The Ritz-Carlton, Boston opened on May 19, 1927 with a room rate of $15.

In the tradition of Cesar Ritz, Wyner was meticulous about maintaining the privacy of his guests; a policy strictly adhered to today in all Ritz-Carlton hotels.
And thus, the elite were drawn to his hotel. However, he was also very aware of the role and reputation the hotel had in the community: during the Depression Wyner kept the lights on in vacant hotel rooms to portray an aura of success.

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Country: USA
City: Boston
Opening date: 1927

Note from the Host

General Manager Henry Boubée

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The Present

230/48 Rooms
Restaurants & Bars
Body, Mind and Soul


15 Arlington Street
MA 02116 Boston, USA

Tel: +1 617 536 5700
Fax: +1 617 536 1335

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