Nepal’s history of modern tourism is in general too short to allow this country to have grand and famous hotels which are older than 50 years (one of the preconditions to become a member of THE MOST FAMOUS HOTELS IN THE WORLD). Therefore we carefully list the most important hotels of the country as members, highlighting on the other hand the date of their full acceptance as full members in the not too distant future.
Established in 1965, Hotel de l’ Annapurna prides in being the first Five Star Hotel of Nepal. The capital based, centrally located hotel’s hospitality exemplifies the nation’s philosophy “Athiti Devo Bhawa (Guests are like Gods)”

Our Select Member Hotel

Country: Nepal
City: Kathmandu
Opening date: 1965 (full member in 2015)

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Durbar Marg P.O. Box 140
Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 1 4221711
Fax: +977 1 4225236

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