Reid’s Palace


Reid’s Palace is a dream came true in the Atlatic ocean, off the shore of Northern Africa.

Query: warm, paintable, batheable, comfortable, flowery STOP Winston and Clementine Churchill - that was the short but memorable telegramme WC sent to his friend in Madeira in 1949. The answer came like a shot. REID’S HOTEL!

Here head concierge José Manuel Aguiar Nunes is busy checking sightseeing opportunities, booking helicopters, a round of golf, big game fishing, deep water dolphine and whales watching or simply a relaxing hour at the famous Reid’s Spa.

This is the place where Hollywood stars spend time in privacy, where writers are inspired, where Winston Churchill enjoyed one week of undisturbed painting tremendously, while the Irish Nobel Prize winner Georg Bernhard Shaw wrote: This is one of those unnaturally lovely hells of places where you bathe amid innumerable blossoms in midwinter.”

white party at reids palace

The White Party at Reid’s Palace.

It is also the place where families come together and spend a memorable holiday, where children are well taken care of and parents enjoy undisturbed moments of privacy. The hotel offers a very attractive family package here.

poster 12

1928 Poster of Reid’s Hotel

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Reid’s Palace
Country: Portugal
City: Funchal
Opening date: 1891, November

Note from the Host

General Manager Ulisses Marreiros Ulisses_Marreiros missing image "I would like to welcome you at Reid's Palace. There has never been a better time to visit our traditional hotel, which offers all amenities of modern days in a most comfortable setting."
Concierge: Josef Manuel Aguiar Nunis

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Estrada Monumental, 139
9000 Madeira Funchal, Portugal

Tel: +351 291 71 71 71
Fax: +351 291 71 71 77

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