Half Moon

In 1954, a group of wealthy individuals including Donald Deskey, the fabled designer (among his works the Radio City Music Hall); Harvey Firestone, Jr. of The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company; Richard Reynolds of the Reynolds Metal Company and Jamaican Bauxite Company; oil and real estate entrepreneur Curtis Steuart and Mrs Laurence Armour of U.S. meat packaging giant Armour Packing Company, chose to build an exclusive vacation resort on a perfectly shaped crescent beach, that they aptly named ‘Half Moon’.

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Half Moon
Country: Jamaica
City: Rose Hall
Opening date: 1954

Note from the Host

General Manager Sandro Fabris
Hotel Manager: Gordon Edwards

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419 Rooms
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Body, Mind and Soul


Half Moon Post Office
Rose Hall, Jamaica

Tel: +1-876 953-2211
Fax: +1-876 953-2731

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