Grand Hotel Arenzano

The Grand Hotel occupies a site, that, in the 16th century, was a post house where travelers could refresh themselfes during their journeys. Today, the legacy of hospitality continues in a serenely elegant style in the idyllic setting of the Italian Riviera. In this current incarnation, opened in 1910, the hotel is characterized by its graceful loggia, marble colums and delicate frescoes.

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Grand Hotel Arenzano
Country: Italy
City: Arenzano
Opening date: 1910

Note from the Host

General Manager Mrs Anna Mattu

The History

Former Managers

The Present

105 Rooms
5 Suites
Restaurants & Bars
Body, Mind and Soul


Lungomare Stati Uniti 2
GE 16011 Arenzano, Italy

Tel: +39 010 91091
Fax: +39 10 910 9444

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