American Colony

A former Pasha’s palace built in 1860. One of the first buildings constructed outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. A favorite site for many “on location” film sets and a venue for celebrities… 

Baron Ustinov, grandfather of Sir Peter, who ran the Park Hotel in Jaffan was looking for a hostel in Jerusalem. So he made an arrangement that led to the American Colony Hostel. In the mid fifties of the last century the standard of quality raised sufficienly to change the name to Hotel.

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American Colony
Country: Israel
City: Jerusalem
Opening date: 1902

Note from the Host

General Manager Pierre Berclaz

The History

Famous Guests

The Present

98 Rooms
Restaurants & Bars
Body, Mind and Soul


Nablus Road PO BOX 19215
97200 Jerusalem, Israel

Tel: + 972 2 627 9777
Fax: (972) (2) 627 9779

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