Russischer Hof

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The classicist facade of the Russischer Hof suggests that it ranks among the oldest hotels of Weimar.

In fact, the historic part of the elegant building dates back to the year 1805. At that time the Countess Henkel and Lady von Egloffstein bought the half-finished  house at the pig market, at the border of the inner city , in order to turn it into a guesthouse.

At the same time the lady-in-waiting Luise von Göchhausen wrote to the School principal Böttiger:

„The influx of foreigners is so great that I believe this is the reason why two of the most respected ladies from here  have decided to open a guesthouse ... it is expected to become a brilliant guesthouse to be called eiher ‘Hotel de Russie’ or  ‘The Russischer Hof’.“

We are today quite confident that the wedding of Carl Friedrich, the duke’s heir to the throne, and the sister of czar Alexander I. of Russia, Maria Pawlowna, in Weimar in the year 1804 also made its impact on the choice of names. Yet at first, the building was named after the czar of Russia, “Alexanderhof”.Since the 1840s the name “Russischer Hof” was a household name in the German city of Weimar. Weimar was of course famous for being the city where Goethe, a keyfigue of German literature, had died in 1832.  In 1841 the “Russischer Hof” was mentioned for the first time in a city guide. In November that year the “Russischer Hof” was the venue of a great encounter. Composer and musician Franz Liszt met fellow musician Robert Schumann and his wife Clara at the Russischer Hof. Liszt also moved to Weimar in 1848.

The careful refurbishment from 1997 to 1999 turned the Russischer Hof into a hotel combining most modern comfort with the memory of its important history. Here the demanding guest can witness the cultural life of the classic city and feel at home at the same time.

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Russischer Hof
Country: Germany
City: Weimar
Opening date: 1940

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General Manager Albert Voigts

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