The Davenport Hotel & Tower

“In all things, the hotel sincerely tries to so well please its guests that they will be glad they came, sorry to leave and eager to return.”

Louis Davenport, 1914. Walt Worthy, 2002.

The Davenport Hotel is world famous from opening day in 1914. It is the
first hotel with air conditioning, a central vacuum system,
housekeeping carts (designed by Louis Davenport himself), air walls and
Crab Louis, the king of salads (named for Louis Davenport). The Spokane
newspaper introduces the hotel to the public with a special Sunday
insert trumpeting “the new two million dollar hostelry of Spokane,”
even though the project is 50% over budget and actually costs $3

At its opening, The Davenport Hotel is the largest private
telephone branch exchange in the entire Pacific Northwest (with 450
handsets) and is similarly the largest and most complicated plumbing
job (with 30-miles of pipes delivering hot, cold and drinking water to
every one of its 405 rooms). Gilded with gold, sparkled by crystal and
illuminated throughout with “electroliers,” it is as grand as the
finest ocean liners of the day. It is truly one of America’s
exceptional hotels.


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The Davenport Hotel & Tower
Country: USA
City: Washington
Opening date: 1914

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The Present

611 Rooms


10 South Post Street (main hotel) 111 South Post Street (tower located across the street)
99201 Washington, USA

Tel: 509-455-8888
Fax: 509-624-4455

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