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The Treasury Book Series

I Had Tea at the Nellie — The Mount Nelson Treasury

mount nelson tea book by andreas augustin cover

The Preview (flip a few pages…)

‘I had Tea at the Nellie’ is your faithful companion to tea at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town.
Andreas Augustin introduces the history of tea and the story of the Mount Nelson – from the days of the Castle Line to modern times.

Featuring: All teas served at the Nellie — The plants of the…

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Villa Rothschild, Falkenstein Grand

Available in German, only.
Die beiden Bücher (erhältlich im "Doppelpack") erzählen die Geschichte der Villa Rothschild, die 1894 in Königstein von der Frankfurter Bankiersfamilie erbaut wurde, und vom ehmaligen Offiziersheim Falkenstein, das heute das FALKENSTEIN GRAND Hotel ist.
Dazu Andreas Augustin, der Autor:
"Natürlich gibt es die Liste der berühmtesten Hotels der Welt, an die ich mich sklavisch halte, wenn es um die Erstellung eines neuen Buches über ein historisches Hotel geht. Aber es gibt Ausnahmen - und für diese habe ich mir…

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I had Tea at Reid’s

Picture: Book

Enjoy the preview of the book:

‘I had tea at Reid’s’ is your companion to Tea at Reid’s and to tea in general.
Andreas Augustin successfully dilutes any legitimate concerns about an institution that raises questions like if tea or milk comes first, scones with cream under or on top of jam, little finger up, down or away? In view of these pressing issues he presents an enlightening book on a subject so important that it became an affair of…

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The Cafe Central Treasury

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This book is bilingual (Deutsch & English):

How to deal with the “man in black-tie”, the all-mighty waiters at an Austrian coffeehouse? How to order you coffee correctly — and get what you want! Dig into Vienna’s most famous coffee house, Café Central. Heinrich Ferstel built it, the world visits it. The Café Central at the Palais Ferstel is one of the most famous coffee houses of the world. Read about Sultan Suleiman, who’s Turkish army left tons of coffee in Vienna. Meet the famous characters like…

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The Mena House Treasury

Picture: Book During the 1880s, an oriental palace rose in stone and mortar from the desert, decorated by the most lavish interior design ever seen. The Mena House, born as a luxurious hotel on grounds famous for hospitality since the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, became the jewel in the crown of the greatest legends of the Orient. This book tells its story and delves into the fascinating past of Egypt.
Learn about the Pyramids & Hieroglyphics, the building of the Suez Canal, the true story of Aida,…

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