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The Strand Yangon

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Inspired by the tales of tigers and colonial life in old Rangoon, cover artist Manfred Markowski created this dream-like idyllic scenery — featuring the classic Strand Hotel as backdrop.

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This is the story of Myanmar’s oldest hotel, one of the most famous hotels in the world. The Strand is the only hotel in Yangon left from the colonial era. Built and run by the Sarkies, the famous Armenian hotel family, it was part of a hospitality empire, which ranged from Singapore’s Raffles Hotel to Penang’s Eastern and Oriental and to the ambitious plans to build the Majestic Hotel in Calcutta.

The Strand’s story takes us back to the days of the Bibby and Henderson Lines, which plied their services between Europe and Rangoon. From there, we take you aboard the first Imperial Airways aircrafts, back in the times when the London to Rangoon trip took a mere nine days.

strand suite
Strand Suite Sitting Room today

Let’s meet the old colonialists at their clubs and at the Strand‘s Bar. Visit old Rangoon when a tram route used to pass by the Strand Hotel on its way from the harbour to the heart of the city. Join Rudyard Kipling in his memoirs and read Somerset Maugham’s notes. Meet the Prince of Wales on his visit to Burma and enjoy the tales and memories of so many old friends of The Strand. They‘re all gathered here in one book to celebrate their Strand, which has a great past, and an equally promising future.


By Andreas Augustin. 160 pages, Hardcover, laminated jacket, 1 famous hotels books catalogue.
ISBN 3-902118-05-9
160 x 235 mm, 720 g

We also publish a leather-bound edition of this book.

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