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Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland (english)

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cover park hotel vitznau by andreas augustinDeutsche Ausgabe hier:

This is the first book in the Palace Edition of famoushotels.

Over 100 years of tradition and yet brand new: it reopend after three years of a complete renovation (basically its entire inner life was rebuilt from scratch), featuring most modern technique and state-of-the-art design and interior. 2-star Michelin chef and a spa to die for.

This luxurious coffee table book tells you the story of a legendary Swiss resort, of  Lake Lucerne (and Lucerne’s most famous Grand Hotels), of the Queen of all mountains ‘Rigi’ and the race to its summit.

Since 1867, a boarding house called ‘Pension Pfyffer’ welcomed its guests. In 1903,  when the sparkling new construction of the Park Hotel opened adjacent to this Pension Pfyffer, a new era began. The Park Hotel was regarded as the most beautiful hotel architecture in Switzerland at the time.
Composer Bela Bartok enjoyed the tranquil gardens; Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis shot scenes of a movie there; Wimbledon champion Jaroslav Drobný won the hotel’s tennis tournament, water ski championships were held, books were written and ... yes, of course: read.

On the romantic lawns marriage vows were made; families were joyously reunited in the elegant salons. Some people met discreetly, others toasted business success, many sat down to sensational gourmet extravaganzas at lavishly laid tables.
Here you can explore the life of a hotel, sometimes bright and shrill, often discreet and guarded. In 2009 it was closed, luxuriously renovated and reopened in 2013.
The reopening of the Park Hotel in 2013 was a milestone in international hotel business. A design concept without peer had inexorably become reality to create a new stage for all of the performances of the future.
This fairy-tale castle, all the legends, right here in the heart of historic Switzerland, hundreds of historic documents and pictures and, last but not least, the splendid contemporary photography of Michelle Chaplow make this book a unique document. On 232 pages the author draws a new picture of the development of Swiss hotelbusiness from the 19th to the 21st century while the story of the hotel unfolds in colourful photographic essays and sharp and capturing texts.

ISBN: 978-3-900692-43-8


By Andreas Augustin. 232 pages, Hardcover (real cloth bound / gold stamping), laminated jacket.
ISBN 978-3-900692-43-8
220 x 300 mm, 1625 g
Also available in German.

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