The King’s speech

The Strand

The Strand
Most of us have seen the movieThe King’s Speech, but who actually knows who has written it? It was the first of the Royal Christmas Messages live radio broadcasts from Sandringham House, aired in the entire Empire to all radio receivers of the Commonwealth around the globe. It was written by Rudyard Kipling.

 King George V speech

1932 Royal Christmas Message

Through one of
the marvels of modern Science, I am enabled, this Christmas Day, to
speak to all my peoples throughout the Empire. I take it as a good omen
that Wireless should have reached its present perfection at a time when
the Empire has been linked in closer union. For it offers us immense
possibilities to make that union closer still.

It may be that our future may lay upon us more than one stern test. Our
past will have taught us how to meet it unshaken. For the present, the
work to which we are all equally bound is to arrive at a reasoned
tranquillity within our borders; to regain prosperity without
self-seeking; and to carry with us those whom the burden of past years
has disheartened or overborne.

My life’s aim has been to serve as I might, towards those ends. Your loyalty, your confidence in me has been my abundant reward.

I speak now from my home and from my heart to you all. To men and women
so cut off by the snows, the desert or the sea, that only voices out of
the air can reach them; to those cut off from fuller life by blindness,
sickness, or infirmity; and to those who are celebrating this day with
their children and grand-children. To all - to each - I wish a Happy
Christmas. God Bless You!.